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Tasha Kali's Artist Statement

The primary reason I create art is to examine the building blocks of my world. The study of the organic is my moral duty. To understand myself I dive into what and why a particular thing influences me; whether it is childhood, current reality, fellow artists, or simply a crate of recycling. Artists want to affect people with their art, like art affects them. There is innate beauty in everything; the amount of distortions and ambiguity is derived from the viewer. I control the amount of obscurity, depending on what sort of interaction I want the viewer to have with the work. Glass is the perfect voice, because it’s a blend of art and science, contemporary and ancient. The physics and chemistry of the glass dictates the behavior of the media; my response to it is unique.

“Organic is a word I’ll stick by. It means the work is an extension of your blood and body; it has the rhythm of nature. This is something artists don’t talk about much and it’s not even well understood: the fact that there exists a state of feeling and that when you reach it, when you hit, you can’t go wrong.”   -Nell Blaine on Art



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