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Tasha Kali was born in California and received a BA in Fine Art at California State University Fresno. As a woman working with glass, she has seen the changes in the industry first hand. Tasha is a third generation artist, and is grateful to be part of the contempoary glass movement. Glass blowing as well as glass print making has been a voice for her because of it’s a blend of Art and Science, Contemporary and Ancient. “I have found a therapy that I enjoy and need as a woman and an artist”. Tasha draws on the glass surface; as if it’s a 3-D canvas that has the ability to be transparent or opaque. Appear completely still or constantly changing; it is this versatility that draws the artist to the media. Tasha is always on a quest to learn techniques that can improve her dialog with the viewer of her art. “I believe the more I learn about how glass can be manipulated and applied the better I will be able to communicate my messages as an artist”. This quest has given the artist many opportunities to travel to interesting parts of the world. She has worked and exhibited on three continents and is in collections worldwide. She has studied at many of the great glass schools Pilchuck in Washington, Haystack in Maine, Corning institute in New York, and Northlands in Scotland. She has also studied the techniques of the great master Lino Taglepetra. Much of the artist inspiration comes from the waters of Tahiti, Moorea, Belize, Croatia, and California. Glass as a media is so versatile in the ways that it can be manipulated the discussion can go anywhere.

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